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10 Sep 2009 Analysis of the candidates who will be standing in the general elections on December 6

1 Sep 2009 BIF Briefing, September 2009

1 Sep 2009 BIF News Briefing covering negotiations with Chile over water resources and recent UNASUR meetings

16 Jul 2009 BIF News Briefing covering tense relations with Peru and cancellation of the ATPDEA with the US

1 Jul 2009 Bolivia Information Forum Bulletin No. 13, July 2009

21 May 2009 BIF News Briefing covering relations with the US and Peru and recent nationalisations among other topics

14 May 2009 Details of the foreign mercenary group discovered in Santa Cruz and issues raised

1 May 2009 BIF Briefing, May 2009

20 Apr 2009 Philip Sherwell: "My meeting with the man accused of plotting the assassination of Evo Morales"

1 Apr 2009 Bolivia Information Forum Bulletin No. 12, April 2009

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